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Sandhya Valecha: Founder-Director


Sandhya is the Founder and Director of Contentorial. Though she claims she has been writing since graduating in Journalism Honors from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi (one of the best colleges in India), we suspect she started much earlier. As a child she probably wrote compelling notes to her parents explaining exactly why she needed that toy and managed to convince them, we are sure. There really is no other explanation for the way her words take on a life of their own and convey the intended meaning with desired impact. Formally, Sandhya started her career writing news and content for several companies and leading national newspapers in India. She went on to pursue her Masters Degree from The London School of Economics & Political Science, (LSE). She is a full merit scholarship winner of GBP23,698 from the LSE. An avid student of the art of writing and an enthusiastic practitioner, Sandhya also works as the Consulting Editor and Creative Director for several organizations. Now that is an amazing number of hats for a single person. But then that is Sandhya. Sandhya has written and edited content in different genres. She has been part of the writing industry for quite some years now and has seen how the writing style has changed to keep pace with the changing reader profile. She knows exactly what kind of content will work for the online reader of today who is perpetually in a hurry. Yet Sandhya feels that certain basic writing principles like incorporating humor or adding an element of suspense or drama or writing a really catchy headline will always remain timeless. The challenge is to incorporate these basic writing principles into content that ‘speaks’ with the reader of today and strikes a chord, creating an everlasting bond. And Sandhya manages to do that with élan and inspires Contentorial writers to do the same. Under Sandhya’s leadership, we deliver bespoke content so that you reap maximum business.

Karan Dharamsi: Co-founder-Director


Karan Dharamsi co-founded Contentorial with Sandhya Valecha. Co-Founder and Director of Contentorial, Karan is a Software Engineer by qualification and a fitness expert by passion. Always the one to pursue his interests, post his engineering, he went on to do various courses in Fitness from India’s best fitness institution, K11 Fitness Academy. He is also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer from Athletic Certification Training Commission, US and from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Karan is an ardent reader and creative writer. By bringing together his passion for fitness and engineering qualification, he writes both health and technical content equally remarkably. Karan writes and edits Health and Fitness related content including articles, blogs and website content. Being a keen communicator and a firm believer in the power of social media for business, Karan does social media marketing for several clients.

Rashma Anand: Content Development Manager


It is often said that if you enjoy what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life. This is perfectly true for our Content Development Manager Rashma, who absolutely loves writing. Her love for the written word is matched only by her love for her husband and twins. A Bachelor of Pharmacy and an MBA by qualification, a marketer by profession, Rashma became a home maker (she disapproves of the word housewife) by motherhood. Looking for some way to pass time (and earn ‘pocket money’), Rashma chanced upon Contentorial and began writing for us part time. ….only to discover the passion and power of prose and how well she was able to turn a phrase and make a point. The strength of Rashma’s writing lies in her deep commitment to her readers. She never puts to paper (or rather types on her screen) anything she is not personally convinced about. She goes the extra mile to understand the topic so that she can make a connection with her readers and largely succeeds in doing so. Writing on a variety of topics like interior designing, technology and travel, she is always ready for the challenge of tackling something new. Rashma’s personal favorite genre is creative writing. Given a choice between writing a technical product review and writing a short story, she would choose the latter any day. But what we like best about her is that she takes on the technical product review and brings to it her signature style and creativity, making it interesting and lively rather than dull and boring. And her preferred style of writing is humorous. Not surprising, considering that P.G Wodehouse is her favorite author and comedy movies her favorite genre. (Though she does complain that she has no time to watch movies since she started working for us…well.. what can we say…) A mother feeling guilty about letting her children conveniently watch TV when she is busy writing an article on different diet plans to lose weight, writing about the best shopping deals and someone forever trying to be the super woman, Rashma is just like any one of you reading this.

Suchita Thakker: Sr. Writer and Writers’ Mentor


Suchita creates magic with her impeccable writing skills every time she begins typing. With Bachelors in Engineering, her friends wonder how she landed this writing job and is thriving enviably. She has a rare knack of making you smile with her articles. An introvert otherwise, you won’t realize it when you read her articles. At the spur-of-the-moment Suchita makes the point, while the reader is still laughing having read her witty content. When she writes, the flow of words is so spontaneous that she herself wonders whether she actually wrote that article. The originality of her articles sometimes makes us run them twice through Copyscape. There is profound meaning in her write ups. Her writings spark an unprecedented thought process in the reader’s mind. She believes in using minimal jargon unless, absolutely necessary. She confesses, “The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer”. Due to her passion for writing, thorough professionalism and dedication, Suchita has become one of the core writers at Contentorial.

Letisha Pereira: Sr. Writer and Writers’ Mentor


Letisha Pereira has been passionate about writing since her days in school. With English Grammar as her favorite subject and essay writing as her secret tool to score higher, Letisha says she wouldn’t have made it through two years of Science in Junior College without her writing skills. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Media (Journalism), Letisha began her amazing journey with Contentorial. An avid pianist from the age of 6, she has been able to juggle her professional commitments to music and writing for us with ease while simultaneously pursuing a Masters Degree in Journalism. Letisha claims to have a weakness for fashion, her favorite writing genre with which she won us all over at Contentorial. She also brings her special touch to a variety of other topics ranging from real estate to interior designing and thoroughly enjoys overcoming the challenge of writing something new with creativity. She believes that as a writer, one has something new to learn every day, something exciting to stumble upon with each new article and something amazing to discover with every word. Letisha often says that Contentorial has transformed her life in many ways, but we believe that her passion for writing, dedication and her obsession with meticulousness has brought her a long way.

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